Long will I tarry ere I begin this war for gold

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actually I don’t get tumblr hobbit posters hysteric but gandalf and galadriel on this one are just….fabulous x))) 

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lotr meme: eight races [1/8] → dwarves

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Just one more time, before I go, I’ll let you know that all this time I’ve been afraid.

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The fortunes of the world will rise and fall, but here in this kingdom, we will  e n d u r e .

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Bombur was poorly represented in the new poster so I made a couple alterations.

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-a single tear roll downs my cheek- my baby about to ride into war again

causing mayhem

riding his elk to victory



im fine

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meanwhile on sandra’s blog…

excuse me im having a moment with my husband 

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he looks so cute holy shit help 

wHAT A BABE im so in love 

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"I am almost tempted to let you take it."

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