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FOLLOWERS PLEASE HELP (don’t worry this is not serious but anyway)

I’m in a desperate need for new music because I will study boring stuff soon so I need something new to listen to while studying

So can you point me to some good music? Maybe your favorite songs??

I’m very open-minded but I especially like soundtracks from games, movies and such, so hit me with what you got, I don’t judge :) 

one last thing …

if you send me links with Justin Bieber and One Direction then we can’t be friends

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  1. notsayingthisright said: Even if you’re not a Homestuck, Colors & Mayhem Universe A is awesome. Mumford & Sons. Brahms’ German Requiem. No.9 (a Japanese techno/orchestral band - especially Usual Revolution and Nine). The Decemberists.
  2. shojobeat said: Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger are my go to study-and-still-stay-awake tracks!
  3. lillyeyes said: Florence and the machine. You….. you have not lived untill you have heard her music. best is blinding, drumming song, and cosmic love.
  4. illalwayslovesherlock said: I don’t know if you like piano, but Kyle Landry on youtube is really amazing!
  5. toomanyfeelstoolittletime said: Currently loving Of Monsters and Men. Also Woodkid’s Run Boy Run.
  6. hobbits-and-ents said: Ho Hey ~Lumineers youtube.com/watch? v=x8311YhEEbU Its time~ Imagine Dragons youtube.com/watch?v… Faith~ George Michael youtube.com/watch?v…
  7. latespringfeelings said: if you want some chill background stuff, try “miaou”. you probably already know about akeboshi, and the song’s “wind” :) and for some feelgood songs, “train” would be a good choice :3
  8. jonbabycrow said: Despite being quite a happy person, I love sad songs. So here comes my all time favourit: Home by Keith Caputo. Flight over Venice 1 from the Assassin’s Creed 2 OST is just beautiful.
  9. we-are-in-space said: You should check out Von Hertzen Brothers! c:
  10. dianamazons said: ok i rly love u tbh?????????????? i was searching for new music toooooooooooooooooooooooooo and i cantttttttttttt
  11. sassygaygrantairesotherblog said: imagine dragons and stuck in your radio!
  12. alpha-hearted said: Well you have two steps from hell and other similar bands like Audiomachine, Future World Music, Brand X- Music, X-ray dog, E.S Posthumus. their songs are epic and they are usually used for movie trailers. no vocals, only epic music ;)
  13. mandapetite said: open.spotify.com/user/ma… :-)
  14. pum-pumkin said: Weeeeeeell, it depends what you’re into. There’s some decent indie bands I know of, and then a whole bunch of dubstep. And of course there’s the Hobbit and LotR soundtracks. Take a look at Homestuck songs; some of them are pretty chill. C:
  15. myjointshurt said: The soundtrack of the movie The Fountain, the band Blackmoore’s Night (fav. songs Loreley and Cartouche), and pretty much any of the Assassin’s Creed soundtracks! Enjoy, dear Swedish neighbour! :D
  16. lome-lindi said: Two Steps from Hell, hands down. It’s all cinematic/trailer music so very epic, no lyrics ;D
  17. ladymallister said: David Arkenstone = nice ambience. Narsilion is also nice!
  18. galvdriels said: The XX is really good and chill, I think it’s good study music (:
  19. dibbledop said: Also, the How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack and Owl City.
  20. spockoandjimjim said: youtube.com/watch?v… Kimya Dawson did the soundtrack for Juno. youtube.com/watch?v… The mountain goats are great for studying.
  21. pseudointellectualhipster said: You could try Of Monsters and Men or Two Door Cinema Club, I usually listen to those when I study.
  22. positivelysinister said: If you haven’t before, at least check out Two Steps From Hell and X-Ray Dog. They make some real epic movie music :3
  23. deadmoonboy said: Better Man Than He by Sivu and Animal by Miike Snow are my favourites atm, as well as World On Fire by Les Friction.
  24. frododrogonpoika said: Soundtrack of Juno is amazing
  25. markspants said: Two words: Piano Guys
  26. admitonetothefreakshow said: Dan Deacon, Rodrigo y Gabriela (amazing guitars they worked with hans zimmer in the latest potc movie), sarah brightman
  27. theelfqueen said: Soundtracks are good. Especially a badass one like Magneto from X Men First Class. I love AC/DC and Florence+The Machine. Idk my taste in music is weird,lol.
  28. send-them-down-the-hall-to-roll said: It’s not really soundtrack (and the songs are rather short) but ‘Two Steps from Hell’ makes really awesome (trailer) instrumental music!
  29. oxymoronicromantic said: Mumford and Sons, Amanda Palmer Kim Boekbinder, and here’s an artist my brother linked me to last night: youtube.com/watch?v…
  30. puzzled-dragon said: …there are my fav. canadian artists like sarah slean, beckon, great big sea (if you like folk music), alanis morrisette, merival, and delhi 2 dublin. then some of my newer favs like the hoosiers, the smiths, and starsailor. wow look at me ramble…
  31. a-cultured-lion-man said: Switchfoot!
  32. pantiesonpantiesoff said: Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal, when you´re done studying.
  33. pyrotogepi said: Owl City. I absolutely love every one of their songs. And the LOTR soundtracks are always good, though I’m sure you already listen to it. :)
  34. ridiculousinpiccadilly said: Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite is FANTASTIC. The album The Score by Epica is essentially a film score sans film—it’s pretty great. And any score by James Horner will basically rock your socks off.
  35. radioactive-kaiju said: My favorite band is Imagine Dragons, lovely music! And there is these bands that have soundstrack-ish songs, they are: Immidate Music, Globus, Two Steps from Hell, Epica, E.S Posthumus. And for just regular movie soundtrack: How to train your dragon
  36. unseeliefaerie said: the Grim Fandango and Portal II soundtracks are perfect c:
  37. filikili said: youtube.com/watch?v… I’m loving that at the moment, and: youtube.com/watch?v… :) Not sure if they’re your thing!
  38. onemerryjester said: E.S Posthumus music usually makes me feel like bamf :)
  39. nineteenoone said: Phoenix is my favorite band :D Also check out St. Lucia (only an ep out), Colour Coding, Tiny Victories, Youngblood Hawke, Strange Talk, Capitol Cities… oh god so much music to rec.
  40. useyourwandbro said: Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack makes everything 3000% more epic :D
  41. cactuscorpse said: "while waiting" from the soundtrack to girl with the dragon tattoo is one of my favorites :)
  42. wiiimzy said: Ed Sheeran?
  43. thingols said: Hans zimmer has composed a lot of good soundtracks!
  44. cirthithil said: Try the OST from Shadow of the Colossus? I’m not sure if it might be too dramatic for studying purposes because it’s an adventure video game, but there are some calming tracks on there.
  45. jorego said: Terezi Owns, Lancer, the Lord of The Rings soundtrack, andThe Hobbit soundtrack
  46. tolkienism said: SANDRA YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PERSON (okay you didnt come to me but I’m ignoring that) I’M SENDING YOU AN ASK