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In my opinion,most of the people hate Tauriel because of the possible romance between her and Kili/Legolas/Thranduil/Thorin,what do you think about that?

Yes I think that is possible. 

Let’s be honest here, it’s not strange that fangirls get their feelings in a twist when their (hot) favorite characters might be paired with someone that is not canon. BUT it does not make you into a rabid, jealous fan at all I think, like some people think.

I am going to be honest again. Yes, I do dislike the idea of a Legolas/Tauriel romance, because hey, I like Legolas myself thank you very much. And yes, I hate the idea of a Thranduil/Tauriel romance because I love him, but here I have even more issues with the violation of Tolkien’s lore than anything. 

I’m personally neutral-leaning-towards-optimistic about Tauriel for the moment though :)

Also, this is my opinion regarding the matter and I want to be accepted for that.